A November 17, 1953 CIA memo concerning a manual written by magician, friend of Harry Houdini and CIA contractor John Mulholland, on how to use deception and misdirection, to aid in the administration of drugs to unwitting subjects and the need to update the manual.


Conversation with Dr. Willis Gibbons of TSS re Olson Case (1 December 1953)

17 November 1953 
MKULTRA, Subproject 19 

1. Under previous Subproject (Subproject 4) A manual was prepared by Mr. [REDACTED] dealing with the application of the magician’s art to covert activities such as the delivery of various materials to unwitting subjects. The basic assumption in the preparation of the manual was that the "performer” or agent was a man working alone.

2. Subproject 19 will involve the preparation of two additional sections to the manual. These are (1) Modified or dif¬ferent methods and techniques for use if the performer is a woman, and (2) Methods and techniques that can be used where two or more people can work in collaboration.

3. The work will be done by Mr. [REDACTED] it is estimated the job can be completed in twelve working weeks (not necessarily consecutive). It is estimated the job will be completed by May 1954 The estimated cost is $1,800.00.

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